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If you can understand your swing path you can play better golf.

How can understanding your swing path make you a better golfer?

Technological breakthroughs in the golf swing have proven that the path that
you swing the golf club on (swing path) is only responsible for a small percentage
of the golf balls direction.

Understanding that the direction of the golf ball is not primarily influenced by the
swing path is a great starting point to playing better golf.

What is causing my golf ball to draw, fade, or go straight and how can I control this ball flight?

Your golf ball flight is controlled by two factors and you must know what they are to
control you ball flight and become a better golfer.

There are two things you must do the control your ball flight, its initial direction
and its ending direction ( amount of curve ):

  1. Control the Clubface Orientation – Where clubface is pointing at impact
  2. Control the Clubhead Path – (swing path)

Read the full article here:

How Understanding You Swing Path Can Help You Play Better Golf!

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