How To Eliminate Your Slice?

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In the event that you happen to be similar to most right handed individuals you
have a tendency to hit the ball off to the right with left to right or slice spin.

It’s likely you have attempted all sorts of tips and hints, unfortunately none of them
usually get rid of your slice.

You would like to know how to eliminate your slice and develop into more consistency.

The question is are you actually slicing?

The major concern of a slice shot is that the golf ball curves off to the right,
for right hand golfers, and often into trouble.

Side-spin or curve is mainly triggered by the path of your swing.

However, I believe that if you can control this type of ball flight, you can become a better golfer.

The truth is, a large number of golfer that state they are hitting a slice, aren’t truly hitting a slice at all.

What Am I Saying ?

I have played along with quite a few golfer who assume they’re slicing, however they are actually hitting a straight ball that starts to the right, without a lot of curve on the ball at all and continues right,

The ball starts right and stays right, on a fairly straight line.

Read the full article here to understand the three types of ball flights that are often called a slice:

What’s Causing My Slice and How Can I Eliminate It?

In conclusion, that shot that you just hit to the right may not really be a slice.

You must understand whether you are really slicing before you can learn how to eliminate your slice.

If it turns out that the ball you hit is not a slice, then all you need to do is correct your path.

The proven and successful way to fix this type of shot is by correcting the swing path.

In order the fix any shot, you must be able to identify all potential causes of the shot.

Have A Great Round!

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