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With all of the golf instructions, tips,  and quick fixes out there today, it is not
surprising that the handicap of the average golfer has still not improved.

Most golfers are looking for the solution to playing better golf, but it is not happening.

There are plenty of individuals out there that will argue that handicaps have improved.

But, I’m speaking from my experience of playing with a lot of different golfers and seeing
them struggle to become better golfers.

I started playing golf as a way to take a break from competitive tennis.

So, when I decided to retire from competitive tennis, I started playing golf full time.

I decided to start with a series of lessons from the local pro, wanted to start “the right way”.

I quickly discovered that golf was very demanding and complex,  as it was being taught.

  • Hold your grip like this
  • Stand this way and align your hips, shoulder and feet
  • Setup with your correct Posture  and spine angle
  • Take the club away like this
  • Create a single plane or a  two plane swing
  • blah!! blah!! blah!

I played lots of golf over the next 10 years and I have taken a number of lessons.

I was improving, but I didn’t think I was reaching my full potential, and it was a slow process.

I thought to myself there must be a better way, ” a secret ” to playing better golf.

I continued practiced, but didn’t seem to reach my goal.

Discovering The Secret:

But, one day while researching the golf swing, I discovered the secret to playing better golf.

At this time I had gotten my handicap down to between 6-12.

The big gap is indicative of inconsistent golfers that play weekends only.

Within 90 days of discovering this secret I started shooting low to mid 70s consistently.

It’s simple once you know what to practice and what to focus on.

You see I was given a lot of good instruction, but it never got to the core of “WHY”.

Once I discovered the “WHY” behind the golf swing it was over.

I started this blog to help the average golfer become a better golfer and have more fun.

Look forward to working with you all, spreading the good word about the golf
swing, and helping you all play better golf and have more fun doing it.

You can stop by my About Page to learn more about me.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so go ahead and leave comments below.

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