7 Things You Must Know To Play Better Golf

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There are seven concepts that you must understand to play better golf, however you are not explained these concepts during your hourly golf lesson.

Yet, competitive and professional golfers completely understand these concepts and that is certainly the key reason why they are playing better golf.

Here is a brief summary of the seven essentials that you must know to become a better golfer.

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So, what are the seven essential aspects to playing better golf?

  1. Learning The Two Most Important Elements of The Golf Swing 

    a. Clubface Orientation ( Where the clubface is pointing at impact )
    b. Swing Path ( the path that you swing the club on )

  2. Understanding Ball Flight

Technology has shown that where the face of the club is pointing at impact, instead of the swing path,  is the key influencer of the initial direction of the golf ball.

Additionally, the swing path, in relationship to the clubface orientation, determines how much curve or spin is placed upon the golf ball.

  1. Developing a Pre-Shot Routine

A pre-shot routine is crucial to staying focused on the present.

It will take less than a minute, and it should be carried out on each and every shot.

  1. Keeping Track Of A Few Critical Stats

You will find that three are three simple stats that can help you become a better golfer.

They are Fairways Hit, Greens in Regulation, and Putts per round.

  1. Aligning Correctly

A large majority of the golfers I observe are not aligned properly for their ball flight.

You must setup and aim correctly in order to be successful.

  1. Practicing Correctly

Practice is undoubtedly necessary to improve.

However, what should be your strategy or goal when you go out to practice.

  1. Adding a Health and Wellness Program

You can become a better golfer by including a wellness program in your weekly activities.

All advanced golfers and professionals have a fitness and nutrition program.

View the full report here: 7 Things You Must Understand To Become A Better Golfer

Have A Great Round

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