4 Simple Things To Cut Strokes And Play Better Golf


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Recently wrote an article titled; 4 Simple Things You Can Do To Play Better Golf

There are actually four simple actions you can take to cut strokes from your golf game.

You have tried many different things to play better golf, but nothing appears to stick.

Taking lessons isn’t necessarily the solution.

The question is, what can you do to shoot a lower score and become a better golfer?

Excellent question, and the answer can be found here:

  1. Use a Pre-shot Routine

A pre-shot routine is without a doubt most valuable when you’re finishing up
the last few holes, and you are a little tired.

Your concentration has a tendency to waiver at this point.

Using a pre-shot routine at this crucial period can help you remain focused and not make
those silly mistakes that cost you several strokes at the end of the your round.

Utilizing a pre-shot routine enables you to focus on getting the ball in play and not
attempting to hit it hard or play low percentage shots.

  1. Keep Track Of The Number Of Fairways Hit

If you play smarter golf and focus on hitting more fairways you will play better.

Establish a goal with regard to how many fairways you would like to hit and focus on
hitting fairways instead of attempting to hit it long and sometimes “wrong”.

Checking fairways hit supplies you with an objective for each round and will help you
remain focused on your game plan.

  1. Keep Track Of How Many Greens in Regulation You Hit

Knowing green in regulation keeps you focused on hitting your irons the proper distance.

Most of the weekend golfers I observer are short on their approach shots to the green.

Don’t reach for the club that requires you to hit it the maximum to reach the green.

Consider one more club,aim for the center of the green, and make a controlled swing.

You’ll be surprised how often you’ll get closer to the pin than you think.

Keeping track of the number of greens in regulation you hit will help you
establish a objective for practicing.

  1. Count How Many Putts You Hit Per Rounds.

Keeping track of the number of putts per round will help you reduce 3 putts.

Whenever you can prevent 3 putts you will save strokes.

In summary, do these four simple things and you will set yourself up for good results.

This includes using a pre-shot routine, keeping stats on fairways hit, greens in regulation,
and the number of putts hit per round.

You can track these stats right on your scorecard, as shown in the picture above,
as fairways (FW), greens in regulation (GIR), putts (PUTTS).

You will notice a direct relationship between your score and these stats.

In addition, this enables you to focus your practice time and effort.

The proven and successful approach to improving your golf game is to know
what you need to work on to become a better golfer.

Seeking to play better golf without knowing where you need to focus your
time and energy in order to improve is much like guessing.

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