Congratulations on deciding to become a better golfer!

Becoming a better golfer requires an understanding of two critical aspects of the golf game.

With all of the golf instruction, tricks, tips, and  fixes out there, the average golfer still has
not become a better golfer, because these two critical aspects are not being emphasized.

Once you discover the critical aspects of becoming a better golfer you will become your own instructor.

You will know what to practice and how to diagnose and correct your swing.

You see there is  a lot of good instruction, but none of it gives you the “WHY”.

Once you discover the “WHY” behind the golf swing you are on your way to becoming a better golfer.


Play better golf regardless to what your level is today.

If you are reasonably athletic and have pretty good hand eye coordination, you can learn to
become a better golfer in as little as thirty days.

You can work on the two most important things that will help you become a better golfer.

You will still lose a few golf balls and hit some bad shots, but you will become a better golfer.

The key is to help you become a better golfer by focusing on the two things that are most important
to help you play better golf and have more fun.

You will be able to eliminate all of the other clutter that many people try to tell you about the golf swing
and just focus on what’s important.


Many golfers believe that being in good shape physically will help them play better golf.

That’s why many golfers are starting to incorporate workout routines into their weekly activity.

This is great for health and wellness and to help you become a better golfer

A weekly workout routine will help you to recover quickly,  not get as tired during the round,
and help you play better golf.

This is very important toward the end of the round when you get tired physically.

Additionally, this will help you recover quickly and you won’t be so sore and tired after your round.

Incorporate a workout into your weekly routine to help you become a better golfer.


Is Practice Important to become a better golfer?

• Practice is the key to improving and playing better golf.
• Practice allows you to play better golf without thinking about your swing while your are playing.
• Practice gives you the confidence to hit good shots.

Practice is obviously needed to become a better golfer, but what should you practice?

Practice what will help you to become a a better golfer and help you have more fun.


How do you prepare to become a better golfer?

Most golfers are looking for the solution to playing better golf, but it is not happening.

You can become a better golfer by dedicating just a few minutes per day.

What do high level golfers and professionals do that we can do to become better golfers?

If you are like most golfer you want to play better golf and :

  • Increase your driving distance
  • Increase your energy level
  • Increase flexibility
  • Put that competitive fire in your game

Working out is great, but focusing on golf specific exercises will make you a better golfer.

Learn the specific golf workout the will help you build your Body For Golf and improve your golf game.


Becoming a better golfer means that you have to be able to diagnose and fix your own swing.

If you are like most golfers you want to learn how to control the golf ball to play better golf.

Visualize three lines, the target line (where you want the ball to end up),
the swingpath line (path of your swing), and the clubface orientation line
(where the clubface is pointing at impact).

There are two things you must understand to control your golf ball:

1. Clubface Orientation
2. The path that you swing the club on

Where the clubface in pointing at impact (clubface orientation) is the line the ball will start on.

The relationship of the clubface orientation to the swingpath will determine the amount curve on the ball.

If you can understand this you are able to fix your own swing and make improvements without having to take lessons.

In order to control your ball flight, you must learn to control your clubface orientation and your swingpath.

Learn the Perfect Impact System and control your golf ball.


Learn to aim properly to become a better golfer.

A large majority of the golfers I see aim well right of the target line in an attempt to hit a draw.

Why Do Most Golfers Want To Hit A Draw?

Many golfers still believe that the draw will go farther than a straight or fade shot.

I think its an ego thing and they believe that all good golfers hit a draw.

In order to control your ball flight, you must learn to control your clubface orientation and your swingpath.

All things being equal, clubhead speed, angle of attack, spin loft, launch angle, and spin rate, a draw and
a fade will go the same distance.

Learn a Simple Golf Swing that will help you play better golf.