Your Path To Better Golf!

Hello Fellow Golfers, Wanted to stop by and give you a brief overview of an article I just published. Also wanted to give you a link to the entire article. If you can understand your swing path you can play better golf. How can understanding your swing path make you a better golfer? Technological breakthroughs […]

Get Ready For Action

Source: Doug Hay via Flickr CC BY 2.0 Hello Fellow Golfers, Now that it’s winter in most parts of the country, but summer is not too far away, lets talk about getting ready for the golfing season. It is surprising that almost nobody is talking about what can help you reach your full potential. Most […]

What / How Should You Practice ?

Source: Zdenko Zivkovic via Flickr CC BY 2.0 Hello Fellow Golfers, With all of the information out there on how to improve your golf swing, how to become a better player, how to hit it farther, it seems that most people are confused on how to improve their golf game when it comes to what […]

Play Better Golf in 30 Days

Hello Fellow Golfers, You can play better golf in 30 days. Today I’m going to talk to you about learning to play golf within 30 days, even if you have never picked up a club in your life. You will not become a good golfer, you will still lose a few  balls,  and hit some […]

Hello Fellow Golfers!

Welcome to my blog. With all of the golf instructions, tips,  and quick fixes out there today, it is not surprising that the handicap of the average golfer has still not improved. Most golfers are looking for the solution to playing better golf, but it is not happening. There are plenty of individuals out there […]