My PictureWell allow me to introduce myself and give you some background
information about me.

I’m a Computer Science “geek” by trade, and have worked in the
Technology field for over 15 years.

I like to exercise, watch all sports, help others, and of course play golf.

While growing up in Arkansas I played the basic sports, basketball,
football, baseball,  but I ended up gravitating toward tennis.

I played tennis in college and also played in Europe while stationed
there with the U.S. Army.

Once I left the military I moved back to Arizona, which was my first
assignment in the Army, where I continued to play competitive tennis in the southwest region.

I needed a break so I tried to figure out what I could do for a month or so while I break from tennis.

I wanted something that would be competitive, challenging,  and played outdoors.

My friend played golf and he invited me to play;  it looked like a fun and challenging sport.

Once I started playing golf I quickly found out that it was very demanding and complex, much like tennis.

So, a few years later when I decided to retire from competitive tennis, I started playing golf full time.

I decided to start with a series of lessons from the local pro, so that I could get started “the right way”.

I was a fast learner and a hard worker, however all of the things that the instructor told me were very
complicated and numerous.  There were so much to learn and it all seemed like rocket science.

Grip, Alignment, Stance, Hips, Shoulder, Right Arm, Left Arm, Swing Plane, Spine Angle, blah!! blah!!  blah!!! ….

But I was up for the challenge, having been an athlete I had above average hand-eye coordination.

Being the “geek” that I was, I started by making my own clubs, I did this for two reasons:

  1.   Save money
  2.   Build them to the specifications to fit my swing
    ( Carryover from tennis — you see, in tennis it is critical that your racquets are customized to your game )

I played lots of golf over the next 10 years and I have taken a number of lessons.

I was improving, but I didn’t think I was reaching my  full potential,  and it was a slow process.

You see my goal was to become a scratch golfer, after all I was a high-level
competitive tennis player, why couldn’t I do the same in golf.

I thought to myself there must be a better way, ” a secret ” to playing better golf.

I continued practiced, but didn’t seem to reach my goal.

But, one day while researching the golf swing, I discovered the secret to playing better golf.

At this time I had gotten my handicap down to between 6-12.
The big gap is indicative of inconsistent golfers that play weekends only.

Within 90 days of discovering this secret I started shooting low 70s and
I finally reached my goal of shooting an even par round.

It’s simple once you know what to practice and what to focus on.

You see I was given a lot of good instruction, but it never got to the core of “WHY”.

Once I discovered the “WHY” behind the golf swing it was over.

Look forward to working with you all,  spreading the good word about the golf
swing, and helping you all play better golf and have more fun doing it.


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