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Why 99% of Golfers Don’t Improve? How You Can Be A 1%’er

If you are like most golfers, you want to shoot lower scores and have more fun.

You’ve tried taking lessons, the latest tips, and the newest equipment, BUT
nothing seems to work and you are still are not playing better golf.

The reason that golf handicaps among regular golfers hasn’t improved in decades,
is because we have been focusing on the wrong thing.

There are two things you need to focus on to play better golf and it’s not what you think.

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The Two Most Important Elements Of the Golf Swing

There are a lot of good instruction out there, but it never get to the core of “WHY”.
During a one hour lesson, the instruction will fix a flaws and send you on your way.

Within a week you have forgotten those fixes and reverted back to your old ways.

Why? Because there is no “WHY” behind what is being taught, just band-aid fixes.

Once you discover the “WHY” behind the golf swing you are able to fully understand
the golf swing and you are on your way to becoming a better golfer.

Setting Up Properly – Aiming Correctly

A large majority of weekend golfers tend to aim well right of the target line

Many golfers still believe that the draw will go farther than a straight or fade shot.

I believe that the average golfer will be better off with a straight ball fight or a slight fade,
that starts left of the target and moves a little right.   alignment 300x199

The reason is because, the natural tendency for most
golfers is to hit the ball a square to slightly open face,
relative to the swing path.

The average golfer is putting themselves in a really
bad position by aiming so far right.

Hitting a nice draw is great if you understand the ball
flight laws and have developed the skill.

Correct alignment is the key to hitting good shots.

Develop A Simple Swing

The turn back and turn through is crucial in getting your impact correct.

You want a free turn back, with slight weight shift, and a free turn through
You must control your center of gravity by eliminating a lot of side-to-side motion
Your ball position should be centered with short clubs and moved forward with longer clubs
Your stance should be about shoulder width and weight balanced ( roughly 55-45 )
Your right shoulder will be slightly lower than the left shoulder

There are two major components to a proper turn:

  1. Backswing ( turn back )
  2. Transition ( turn through )

Learn more about how to develop a simple swing.

Understanding Swing Path ( your path to better golf )

The path that you swing the golf club on is only responsible for a small percentage of the golf balls direction.

Understanding that the direction of the golf ball is not primarily influenced by the swing path is a great
starting point to playing better golf.

What is causing my golf ball to slice, fade, or go straight and how can I control this ball flight?swingpath-02

Your golf ball flight is controlled by two factors and you must
know what they are to control you ball flight and become a
better golfer.

Eliminate your slice, forever!

There are two things you must do the control your ball flight,
its initial direction and its ending direction (amount of curve):

  1. Clubface Orientation ( where clubface points at impact )
    line the ball will start on
  2. Swing Path ( the path that you swing the club on )
    determines amount of curve on the ball

How understanding your swing path can help you play better golf.

Ball Flight Laws

Upwards of 80% of your initial golf ball direction is determined by where the clubface is pointing at impact
and the other 15%-20% is influenced by the relationship between the clubface direction and swing path.

Your swing path, in relationship to the clubface direction, determines how much curve or spin is put on
the golf ball. The greater the difference between the clubface direction and the swing path at impact,
the larger the amount of curve is imparted on the ball.

There are three different relationships between the clubface and the swing path at impact:

  • Pointing in the same direction as the swing path ( we refer to this as square )
  • Pointing to the right of the swing path ( we refer to this as open )
  • Pointing to the left of the swing path ( we refer to this as closed )

For more information on how understanding the ball flight laws can help you control your golf ball, click here.

How to Practice

Practice is the key to playing better golf and having more fun.
Practice allows you to play better golf without thinking about your swing while playing.
Practice gives you the confidence to hit good shots.

With all of the information out there on how to improve your golf swing, how to become a better player,
and how to hit it farther, it seems that most people are confused on how to improve their golf game when
it comes to what to or how to practice.what to practice.-300x199

Don’t just go to the range to bang balls, you should know your
game well enough to identifyyour strengths and weaknesses.

Let your goals and your desires dictate what and how you should practice.

What will help you enjoy the game better and have more fun
is what you should focus on when you practice.

With the proper equipment you can also develop a consistent swing anywhere and at any time.


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